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 Staten Island Workers Compensation  is a full blown guide that will bring our users the most pertinent and  up to date information relating Workers comp claims laws in Staten  Island & NYC and of course some featured attorneys you can hire.  Stay tuned for tips, lawyers and posts.    

Featured Q3 NY Workers Comp Attorney:

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Injured? Do You Hire A Workers Comp Or Personal Injury Lawyer?

When someone refers to a personal injury, accident or falls  attorney they are most commonly referring to a civil lawsuit. One in  which there was an element of negligence from a private party. That  private party that the civil law-suit is being filed against can often  also be a governmental or business entity. For example, if someone falls  at the post office or on an icy business parking lot. Workers compensation claim lawyers on the other hand are dealing with injuries that happened at the  workplace to an actual employee that is covered by the employers workers  comp. insurance. There are cases in which an employer does not have  adequate coverage in which a civil personal injury style case may be at  hand.   To expand further, if someone gets into an accident or falls on  someones property, they can sue for negligence. Usually the case can be  resolved privately between the parties, through settlement with an  attorney or waste case court. Work-place injuries in which the employer  has insurance coverage can similarly be resolved between the employee  and employers insurance company. But just like civil cases, often the  settlement is not a lucrative one and they may end up in court. In workers compensation claim cases going to court is even more common than personal injury cases. The reason is that in civil injury cases the  attorneys of the two sides will usually come to a settlement on the  terms of the negligence. In workers comp. claims however the  multi-million dollar insurance companies try to low-ball the compensation paid out and are very stubborn. This means that usually the  only way to really get a high pay-out for the client is to take them to  court. For more questions, call or visit us today for a free  consultation.  Categories:       Legal    


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